Welcome to ISA: The International Student Association for all high school international students. As a student association, ISA would like to become your source of information, connection, and advice. We aim to create an online community for all International high school students to gather, meet, and share experiences. We connect students to help out the poor and to give back to their community. ISA will help you anytime, anywhere for anything. Founded in 2016, ISA strives to assist foreign students attending high schools in the USA, outreaching their social connections, building friendships, refining their leadership skill. ISA addresses the needs of international students, easing student lives while away from their home country by providing them with opportunities, information, and resources that can build their experiences abroad in easier, happier and more affordable ways.


ISA strives to assist foreign students attending US high schools who may unfamiliar with the language, traditions, customs, laws and other nonacademic aspects of American life. Our mission as ISA is to help foreign students build social connections, offering them opportunities including social events, internships, volunteer services, ISA programs, college workshops,etc.


ISA – International Student Association membership is available to all international students attending high schools in the United States. Students can check with your International Student Counselors to find out if your school has an ISA already established. If not students can visit our website to start an ISA on your own! Call us today if you need any help.

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