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Internship and volunteer opportunities with ISA partners.

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Access to conferences, events and other ISA workshop opportunities.

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ISA events and projects, which provide the students opportunities to be heard by society.

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Funding and assisting all individual ISA school events and projects.


As a student organization, our mission as ISA is to bridge the cultural (and personal) gaps between international students and their American communities by building social connections and resources. ISA helps students achieve their dreams and live more fulfilling lives while away from their loved ones; it provides a platform for the exchange of opportunities, resources, and information. With a group of outstanding youths, the ultimate goal of ISA is not only to assist our international student members, but also to gather them around and provide them the platform and resources to help other people who are also in need.

➤ ISA branches out into different divisions.

➤ A division chair is assigned to regulate schools under each

➤ Each registered high school requires an elected student president
to represent his/her school to join ISA’s administration board. A
monthly meeting with all the presidents will be held in order to
report their member’s progress.

➤ The elected president works with their students and
organizes their own ISA events at his/her school that can be
sponsored by the main ISA.

➤ ISA will allocate resources necessary to assist school
initiating their own ISA events.