Fudan University polymer science research program

Posted 5 years ago

Major’s requirement:Material Science、Physics、Chemistry;
Acquirement:Certification、Reference Letter
“The State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers” at Fudan University was
established in Oct. 2011. The laboratory originated from “The Open Laboratory of Molecular
Engineering of Polymers (Ministry of Education)” which was founded in 1994. The Laboratory is
mainly supported by the National Key Program of Polymer Chemistry and Physics (Department of
Macromolecular Science), yet interdisciplinary research projects are also strongly promoted. The
lab has four research branches: (1) High-performance commodity polymers; (2) Biomedical
polymeric materials; (3) Polymer-related functional mesoporous materials; (4) Multi-scale
preparation science and technology of polymers. Students will study the theory of polymer science
and integrate it with practice. We intend to inspire students to find their potential in Chemistry,
Biology and other related fields, which can be developed in further education.

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