Chairman’s Words

XiaoRui Jing (Jane) is an international student from China who created the International Student Association when she was 16 years old. Having moved to America alone when she was 14, Jane deeply understands the challenges and hardships of living abroad. After experiencing American education system and cultural life, Jane had to quickly adapt to her new environment. She worked hard to make friends and to commit herself to community services such as volunteering at the hospital, food banks and boys and girls club. In addition, Jane is a freelance writer for the LA Times: HS Insider program, and she has recently became a leader of the program, joining the Student Advisory board of HS Insider.
For Jane, she feels lucky that everything worked out, even though it was incredibly difficult to leave behind her family and friends. She sincerely understands the hard transition that every single international student experiences; therefore, Jane took the initiative to start the International Student Association. This organization aims to provide student consultation, resources, internship, volunteer service opportunities as well as a chance to become a student leader to best prepare international students for their college careers, and to make their lives abroad easier and happier.
Jane, who will graduate from Sierra Canyon High School this May, continues to believe in her life of helping others and pursing her passion with her organization.