Jane Jing


Xiaorui Jing

My name is Jane Jing and I am the founder of the International Student Association. I deeply understand the challenges and hardships of going abroad. I was initially intimidated when I experienced the huge differences between American and my native culture and education systems; however, I worked very hard to adapt to my new environment by making friends and committing myself to community services. I sincerely understand the hard transition that every single international student experiences and that’s why I took the initiative to solve not only my own struggles, but to help so many others like me with their struggles as well. The International Student Association aims to provide student consultation, resources, internship, volunteer service opportunities and a chance to become a student leader that can best prepare international students for his or her college career. My goal is to make every international student’s life abroad easier and happier.

Cheng Zhong

Founder of ISA

I am Cheng Zhong. As one of the founder of ISA, I have deeply felt the issues that international students faced. Courses selections, Homestay accommodations, as a foreign exchange students who has experienced these difficulties, I deeply understand how to solve them. In ISA, we are a family. It is not only an organization for helping issues, but a place where everyone can have fun with. Our team and I, with every members of ISA, we gather around and work for ourselves, as the international citizens, for better and brighter future.

YongQuan Sun

Founder of ISA

My name is Yongquan Sun. As one of the founders of ISA who has been in the United States for five years, I have seen the difficulties and obstacles that international students faced when they first came into the new environment. One of the goals I hope to achieve is that through ISA we can help all international students like us, provide them with a convenient communication platform. We research and explore in how to pave the way for each one of you. Our team will advance with enthusiasm, honesty and perseverance to help you anytime, anywhere for anything and most importantly, We are here to connect!

Nina Li

Chief Director of US

NinaLi Chief Director of US

We are not living in the world until we fall in love with the world.

I’m NinaLi. This is my second year of high school in the US. I have enjoyed both the lifestyle and education here. I believe all international students deserve a happy fulfilling life with all possible resources and opportunities, which is why I joined the leadership team of ISA. ISA is an outstanding platform to which I give my utmost support. I enjoy working with a team, and I believe the difficulties that we will all inevitably face will only make us closer and stronger.

Wendy Wang

ISA Event Coordinator

Wendy Wang ISA Event Coordinator

As a sophomore at Sierra Canyon High School, I have been in the international student program for nearly two years. Joining ISA fulfilled my wish to create an international student program to help other students like me and also help students who are about to come abroad. ISA strives to provide students with volunteer service, internship, college workshops opportunities and beyond. I feel compelled to be a member so I can maximize the number of international students that are impacted by this program.

Jessica Li

ISA Event Coordinator

Jessica Li ISA Event Coordinator

I am Jessica Li, a junior at Sierra Canyon High School. This is the third year I have been participating in programs that help international students. I would like to put my own effort to make changes in our community. ISA is different from all the other student programs I’ve joined as it strives to help out all international students in all possible ways. I could see the changes that ISA can potentially bring to the community, which in the future will not only benefit international students, but also local students. It provides a chance for students with different cultural backgrounds to bond, a chance be challenged, and it provides a chance for international students like us to feel at home in this foreign country. As a member of ISA, I would like to share my experiences and help international students adjust to their life abroad.

Angela Geng

ISA Event Coordinator

Angela Geng ISA Event Coordinator

This is my first year in America as a sophomore in Sierra Canyon School. As a new student, I understand the fear and difficulty of international students when they first come to America. I want to be a part of the group that helps students to go through this often difficult period. I see that ISA will give advantages to students from all around the world, including local students. ISA is a positive resource  that provides students many great opportunities to participate in the events both inside and outside of school. The association also gives many resources to foreign high students here in America. I am committed to an organization that helps students to adapt to their new environment more quickly and easily. This is why I joined ISA.

Hana Mirsh

IT Manager

Hana Mirsh IT Manager

Adjusting to a new environment is a common difficulty everyone must deal with at a time in their life. However, it’s becomes harder when someone doesn’t feel welcome in the new environment. That’s why many international students tend to gravitate and stick to the things that remind them of home. ISA’s goal is to help international students become immersed in American culture. Everyone in the team is made up of a variety of ethnicities, and together, they create a new environment where international students and Americans learn to communicate and work together. Not only will those from other countries learn about America, but Americans can learn about the countries they haven’t seen and potentially fall in love with their language and culture.