ISA Student Leadership Program

ISA Student Leadership Program is a program designed specifically for current high school students in the U.S to develop their leadership skills though helping others. At the ISALP, students who are qualified as a leader will be able to join ISA Student Advisory board to either become a director elected by all current ISA student leaders, who will be in direct charge of a team of ISA. Students can also apply to become a student manager who works under a team director, assisting directors to complete all the work within the team.

This way students will gain a better understanding of who they are and what they have to offer, no matter what career path you choose. With ISALP students will have a better conception of what team work really is and how does it work to organize a non-profit association, starting new projects, working with other companies and ISA partners and sponsors.

Apply To Join Student Leadership Program

Program Benefit:

➤ Selected student leaders who are qualified to become ISA Directors will receive 10 hours of service hours per week, ISA Managers will receive 5 service hours per week.

➤ Students will learn to effectively envision and declare what matters most to you in life – whether it be a passion for something within your school, your extracurricular activities, your community or your world.

➤ Student will develop a persuasive communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skill.

➤ ISA as a team is big on teamwork. We wish all our leaders will become efficient in working with each other and solve all upcoming issues as a team.